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Triskele MAnagement Exclusive Interview
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Catching up with


ahead of her appearance at earthcore 2017

Brazilian born Anna Miranda has taken the techno world by storm! Since winning Best Breakthrough Artist 2016 at the DJ Awards in Ibiza, ANNA has been spinning her supreme seductive beats all over the Globe in 2017. Not only a DJ but a mega talented producer in her own right – ANNA’s supersonic sounds have been signed to well-respected labels such as Dynamic, Turbo Recordings, Get Physical & she’s also remixed for the top-notch acts: Tiga, Audion, Matador and Reboot. In November ANNA gets to play at the almighty Earthcore Festival - so we wanted to find out what this accomplished enchanter had up her magical sleeves….

Q1) Hi Anna! You were born in Brazil, and growing up your father had a nightclub; so you got to experience club nightlife from an early age. Tell us about your childhood and what you think helped shape you into who you are today.

My first experiences were when I was about 10 years old. I used to go record shopping with my Dad. We’d spend the whole day listening to music. I remember he used to buy all kinds of music, stuff like Todd Terry, Bizzare Inc, Dave Angel, Inner City, New Order and also some more commercial stuff. At that time I was too young and could not go to the club yet, they only allowed me to start going when I was 14 years old, and that was when everything started. All these experiences - together with being at the club - watching DJs, helped shaped my taste for music and for djing. I was fascinated about creating that amazing atmosphere on the dance floor and making the crowd have a good time when I was just 14 years old, and I still have this feeling.

Q2) When did you first DJ? What was the first DJ set-up you played on and how has this changed to the set ups and skills you use today?

I used to play only with vinyl, so I remember there were 2 technics MK2, and a DJM500 I think, I‘m not sure... I don’t think there were reference monitors, which made everything much more difficult! I was super nervous, because I was playing in front of a person that I considered to be the best DJ in Brazil. I made a lot of mistakes, it was a disaster. Today we are friends and laugh about it. Currently; I use USB to play, I still play with pioneer, and sometimes I use Allen & Heat and the H9 pedal from Eventide. After so many years of practising and experience I have become much more skilled and more confident, and this allows me to do richer performances.

Q3) You have a very impressive studio with lots of beautiful analogue synths. What led you to want to make music? Tell us about your set up & your favourite pieces of hardware? What’s the process for you when you write a track & what inspires you?

I started as a DJ and then just started producing music in 2008. I liked to DJ but I was missing something, I wanted to play something created by myself and to play music that had my energy in it. In 2008 I released my first track and I haven’t stop since then, always researching and learning. Today I am really happy and comfortable in my studio, I use all the equipment, nothing is left forgotten. When I moved to Europe I got the chance to give it a great upgrade because equipment is much cheaper than in Brazil.

My favorite gear at the moment is the drumachine Analog Rytm from Elektron, a Eurorack module for Intelijel called Atlantis, Prophet 6, Beatstep Pro sequencer from Arturia, Super Jupiter and the Push 2.

Inspiration for me comes from everything, all the things I experience in life, a movie, a city I visit, a talk with a friend, other people in music of course, a really good vibe from someone I met, literally everything I experience is translated into my music and I have a lot of joy when I am in the studio creating a song. It doesn’t matter what’s going to happen with it afterwards, if it goes to a good label or if anyone is going to like it, what matters to me is being in the studio creating music and having a blast.

Q4) How about you as a person - aside from music, what are your other loves in life? What’s a typical day in the life of ANNA like?

I am a very chilled person, when I am not touring I usually stay home or I find some green fields to lay down in. I love sports, nature, healthy food, animals. I usually wake up at about 6:30am and I meditate for 1 hour, then I go to the gym, after that I go to the park and I stay there for about 1 hour reading and enjoying nature. Then I eat and I go to the studio and I usually stay there until the evening, then I meditate for 1 more hour and rest with my husband until bed time. This is a typical day and the way I love to live, but I can´t do it everyday as I tour the whole world, but one thing I do everyday no matter what or where I am is meditating - for 2 hours, 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour at night.

Q5) You’re playing the magnificent Earthcore Festival in November. What preparation will you do for your set and what can the ravers expect from it? What goes through your mind when DJing?

I usually don’t prepare for my sets, I make music and listen to music everyday and this is the way I prepare. I just know what I‘m going to play when I arrive at the club or festival, and feel the crowd, see the place, listen to what the other DJ is playing. The few times I prepared something before the set I did it totally different. I have nothing on my mind when I am playing, actually when I have something on my mind I don’t play well and I get distracted. When I have nothing on mind and I am deeply concentrated in what I am doing and in the music – this is when the magic happens.

Q6) What are your plans for the future?  What do you have upcoming that all ANNA fans should be looking out for?

Honestly, I don’t have many plans for the future. Right now I am doing this, making music, touring around the world to DJ, and I really enjoy doing it, but I don’t know what‘s going to happen in 2 years, I don’t think much further ahead anymore. If in 1 year I have a strong feeling about doing something else I will do it. I prefer to wait for life to unfold and stay in the present.

My next release will be an EP at Kompakt and also another EP on Clash Lion. I am really looking forward to both releases!

Anna - Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions & have an absolute blast at Earthcore 2017!

Watch ANNA in action!

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Exclusive interview by:

Jessica Alici

earthcore international PR:

Robin Triskele // Triskele Management

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