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Triskele MAnagement Exclusive Interview
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Catching up with


ahead of his appearance at earthcore 2017

Ace Ventura – aka Yoni Oshrat - is an undisputable legend of the psychedelic trance scene and also one half of - Zentura, Liquid Ace, EasyRiders and the most recently formed Alpha Portal - all well respected acts in their own right. Yoni’s music has been bringing unprecedented joy to the psychedelic masses on dancefloors - all over the Globe for almost 20 years; under various guises.

It’s been 6 years since Harderfaster last interviewed him so we thought now – ahead of his gig at Earthcore – was a good time for a well overdue catch up!

Hi Yoni

Q1) In light of the recent sad news that Eyal Yankovich has passed away; it didn’t feel right to continue the interview without paying respect to Eyal – who was – undoubtedly, one of the most influential people in the psychedelic trance scene, and without whom – many of us wouldn’t be where we are today. You started releasing on Hommega back in 2000, and must be inevitably saddened by his passing. Hommega requested we pay our respects by “remembering a special personal moment or by sharing the biggest moving force in Eyal’s life - the music”. Do you have a special moment you would like to share or a particular track you’d like to mention?

Its been one month since his passing and it's still hard to believe. Over the years we shared many great moments, in parties, in his house and office, in the cinema and beyond. We became good friends quickly and it's such a great loss both on a personal level and for the whole global trance scene. As for a particular track, it is really hard to choose, it's better to mention some of my favourite compilations he has made. Not many know his chillout ‘LIFE’ series, the first two editions LIFE IS and ANOTHER LIFE are amazing and really hold well today. Then there are the legendary ISRALIENS and FULL-ON series, the latter practically invented a whole new genre. The mans' legacy will sure live on.

Q2) You’ve been interviewed by Harderfaster a few times now since 2008. Which is a testament to your continued and considerable success in the music industry. What’s your secret?

I think for longevity in the trance scene the most important thing is, not to be an asshole! The real secret is just to love what you do, and when you do it from love, you will get love back…

Q3) Can you tell us a bit about your childhood – what’s your earliest childhood memory & what sort of upbringing did you have? How do you feel your past has shaped who you are today?

My memory cells are not what they used to be so it's hard to pinpoint a first memory. My father has had a great career in the music industry in Israel as a composer and producer, and I spent many days with him in various studios as a child, but I actually give more credit to my sister, who was deeply into 80’s music and was watching Top Of The Pops shows and the likes on a daily basis. My ear was mostly drawn to the synth pop bands and I remember well the first record I ever bought, the Kraftwerk album Electric Cafe.

Q4) What do you love the most about being an artist, and what do you like the least?

The thing I love most about being an artist in our scene is connectivity and friendships. I have made so many over the years, from all over the world, and it's something I nurture every day. Thats also why psytrance festivals are so much fun! You get quality outdoor time with so many peeps, it's what we live for and we anxiously wait for the European festie season all year. As for what I like least, well, nobody likes flying so often, the lack of sleep, and the darker, more boring aspects that have to be taken care of such as beurocracy, promotional work etc. But hey, no complaints !

Q5) You’re playing at the phenomenal Earthcore Festival in Australia this November, as a solo artist and with Avi Shmailov aka Astrix; under your collaborative act - Alpha Portal. What prep will you do for these sets and what can us lucky ravers expect from them?

We both generally go over our sets before each party and have some ideas of what we will play, but we always have to feel the dancefloor and often decide on spot which direction the sets will take. You can expect lots of new music from us and also from other artists that we like. Get ready to fly.

Q6) Tell us a bit about how this most recent collaboration – Alpha Portal - came about.

A few years ago we both had this kind of a psychedelic renaissance. We both come from the faster, more full on side of psytrance, but I personally have been in a slower progressive vibe for over 10 years. After spending time on the dance floors of some festivals, listening and dancing to the likes of Tristan, Eat Static and Lucas, something clicked and the inner young raver in me woke up with a need for speed, and an attraction for mind boggling psychedlic trance riffs. Avi was going through a similar process at the same time and we decided to dedicate a project to proper, banging, faster psychedelic trance.

Q7) How do you feel your combined sound as Alpha Portal, differs from your solo work?

The nature of the tunes themselves is different as we try to go for a different way of rocking the dance floor. We rely less on the usual gimmicks that are currently at large in the progressive and commercial scene and combine a way that will please both the brain and the legs.

Q8) I read that Alpha Portal have a mutual belief in ‘border free psytrance music’ – can you expand on that for us?

That is a nice slogan that Eyal brought to the table. We are still at the beginning of our journey but we will explore different BPM’s and a wide range of psychedelic music as we go forward. For example, we opened our first live set ever with a 120 bpm collaboration that we made with Raja Ram on the vocals.

Q9) Studio wise – how has your set up changed over recent years? & what are your tried & tested – golden oldie pieces you wouldn’t want to be without?

Personally I've been relying more on audio software during recent times but now I can definitely say my preferred go to synth is the ACCESS VIRUS TI.

Q10) How do you feel you have changed over the years as an artist – as a producer, performer & also as a person?

That's hard to say objectively. As an artist the circle keeps on spinning, from my early days in full on trance with Psysex to the progressive days of AV, now I feel like the psychedelic winds are blowing hard. Aside from producing faster psytrance again I'm totally into merging these psychedelic vibes into progressive music as well.

As a person, other than being a father of 8 and 6 years old kids, I can say that after years behind the decks I'm having the time of my life spending hours on the dance floor again and hanging out in festivals. It makes me very happy.

Q11) What’s on the horizon for Ace Ventura? Are you planning on working under any of your other aliases; such as Schatsi?

There is a huge world of amazing psychedelic downtempo out there, and I'm having fun playing in that playground again. At the moment I don't have time to produce it but I enjoyed playing a chilled set in the last Ozora, so who knows. Rocky and I are working on new EASY RIDERS material, and there is big news coming from the LIQUID ACE front very soon as well. As for ACE, the road to the next full length album has begun. It wont be a short journey but I will get there…

Q12) Tell us something we couldn’t know about you….

I love indian food. It is just the best.

Q14) If you could get one message to the entire world what would it be?

The world can learn a lot from the psychedelic villages we run each summer in festivals. For me that is pure utopia. Let us all unite through music!

Yoni - a big thanks for taking time out of your hectic schedule to talk to us! See you very soon!

Watch ACE VENTURA in action!

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Exclusive interview by:

Jessica Alici

earthcore international PR:

Robin Triskele // Triskele Management

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