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Triskele MAnagement Exclusive Interview
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Getting *Fckng Serious* with


ahead of his appearance at earthcore 2016

Boris Brejcha is FCKNG SERIOUS about music! He has risen to the upper eschalon of the techno game quickly this past decade. He has coined a new genre for his style of music called *Hi-tech minimal*, and is already celebrating one year of his newly launched label. One thing seems true here, he is not slowing down any time soon!

Hi Boris, thank you for taking some time from your busy touring schedule to chat with us!
You're already an earthcore veteran, so welcome back after your break last year.
We are very excited to have you back with us.

1) Can you talk about that one defining moment when you knew you wanted to start producing ?

That was when I was around 12 years old. A new radio show came up with a total new style of music called electronic music and I really liked that there was something totally different to what I´ve heard before and I was so curious to find out how it was created. I bought a playstation some time later, there was this program called MUSIC and this had been my first steps into producing. I used it for a while until I got my first PC where I started with the first versions of Cubase and since then I never really stopped.

2) Tell us about FCKNG SERIOUS, the new label and music collective you started with Ann Clue and Deniz Bul. What brought you the concept? I know you are really wanting to bring the human element to it all with friends, like musicians and family.

I started my career with HARTHOUSE, a label formerly owned by SVEN VÄTH. It was a good start for me as I didn't have to think about all the business aspects of releasing music and just focused on producing itself. Then of course there came a time where I needed some change and then the logical next step was to establish my own label. I needed to have more freedom in the creativity process of artwork and releasing different kind of music so I thought it was time to do that on my own, so I didn't have to ask for permission and just do what I want :) Thats when I created FCKNG SERIOUS.

As Ann & Deniz are my best friends we had been brainstorming and already had some ideas in mind beforehand, so thats why it was quite an easy step to just start. For us it's important not to really act like a company, although of course we have to be effective in the backround. The most important thing for me was, to create a family that grows slowly and the artists I work with now and I will work with in future are wisely chosen. Not only based on the music, also based on the personality factor. The music industry is such a fast and sometimes crucial business that you need to have people around you who you can trust and ideally who you also really like :) As we are still so small its easier to keep in touch and everybody can profit from the others experience. Also if you are on tour together its very important to spend time with people you like, as this is the time spent most as a DJ.

We have lots of ideas for the future. We already have many label nights all around the world, such as Argentina, Mexico, Brasil, France, Germany, event beautiful islands like Mauritius are on the list and I think this is such a good base already, considering we just started one year ago. I´m so looking forward to find out how we will continue this and who else will join us along the way.

3) What new and upcoming artists would you introduce us to that you feel embody the *Hi-tech minimal* style you coined?

We have welcomed a duo called "Theydream" into the label. They are young and very talented and are based in Switzerland, so its easier for us to connect and help each other along the way. I loved their productions from the beginning and there is a lot coming up from them in future. Right now we are sorting out all the demos that have been sent to us and it will take a while to decide who else is going to be with us as new family members :)

4) The techno scene has come a long way in the last decade, what were your early productions like and how does your sound today differ from when you began? 

Oh wow, well this is not so easy to answer as its such a subconscious process. But for sure in the past I did lots of more playful stuff then I do nowadays and I think this is just the result of all the experience I have meanwhile with producing. When you start off you just play around and see what happens and thats what your music will usually sound like also. After over 10 years now I can tell that my style is always evolving and always a work in progress :) It varies a lot. You still don't really have any influence on what you create but its much more defined in the end. I mean, now I have more electro influences as well as the trance part, but still kept my preferences for dark voices and lovely melodies. And I´m quite sure that it will change again during the next year. This is really something that you, as an artist, don't really have any influence on . You can't just sit down and say "hey I want to produce a really cool track which sounds like…" It doesn't work like that. You just sit down, start and see what happens :)

5) Many artists admittedly write some of their best music when in a solemn headspace. What state of mind do you tend to be in when you write what you think to be your best productions? Do you write better when you are happy and excited or do you find different emotions shape your music when you are down? 

This is also quite different but I think also that you do the best music when you are in really special situations. Often these are bad ones, but also good ones, then just the style differs. I had lots of really lovely tunes when I was super sad and I had also super nice happy ones :) But if you are kind of bored or full and all your needs are satisfied, then its surely not the best outcome :)

6) You travel around the globe playing at the biggest parties and festivals… What is your favourite time slot for your sound both in a festival and club setting?

I love sunset & sunrise so this is the best time for me at a festival. In the club I prefer not to play in the morning as people tend to be very tired in the end. As my music is so energetic, I think its best for me as well as the crowd when they are fresh so 1am is always a good time in the club.

7) You have a huge following on social media, how does it feel to have such an enormous audience outside of when playing to a crowd? You are admittedly a shy man by nature, but you seem to have a good connection with your fans. How important do you think it is to be present with your followers?

Its very important, if not the most important for me. I love to be connected with those who follow me. And yes I´m more the shy type of person, and more of an observer, but I know that people appreciate an answer or a reaction on their likes and comments, or like you to do photos with them or just have a drink and talk. Of course its quite hard for me as I barely have no time and its not any getting better that way. I´m on tour most of the time and I need lots of time for doing music so I use all the time in between, while I´m in the airport or in a plane or train, to post, answer questions etc. Of course its quite impossible to keep in touch with everyone :) Still, I do my best even if it sometimes takes weeks or even months.

8) What inspired your mask? It looks a bit like the anonymous mask but with a certain decadent flair.

Its the typical joke mask of the venetian carnival. I loved it in the first place, although it was not my first choice.
I had my very first gig in Brazil where they also have carnival so I thought I needed something to make people remember me. Thats how this all started. Meanwhile, now its my signature and people would be mad a me if I didn't use it :) Also its a good cover for my feelings during my sets as people cant read my face ;) And well, I think its just a cool piece of art and of my self expression. I´m a bit mysterious and the mask shows the combination of my music and the way I am.

9) What do you think pushed you into a music career and not something else? Have you ever thought of what you may want to do *next* if music takes a back seat later in life?

My family was quite into music. My dad played the drums, my mam was a dancer and I liked music in general. But there was a special situation in my childhood that forced me to decide at a very early age what to spent my time with.

When I was 6 years old my whole family and I had been to a flight show in Germany, my sister and I had been in the first row to watch the pilots do crazy things with their planes in the sky.

Unfortunately there was a big accident and a lot of planes crashed together in front of our eyes. Obviously people in the front row were most involved and we ended up being in a huge fire with thousands of people running around, crying, dead people, injured people, scared people. We lost our parents in all the trouble and I just remember how I woke up in a hospital without my sister or anyone from the family.

Long story short, this was a special incidence in my life. I was alone, I was a little boy and I was in an extreme situation. Half of my body was burnt and they tried to implant healthy parts of my skin to places where there was no skin left to cover the bones. That not only sounds quite strange, it was. So I missed the 2nd year of elementary school and when I came back to school I had to wear a strange mask to protect my wounds and the dead skin. As you can imagine this was not easy for me as a child. The other children avoided me and it was hard to make friends.

After sometime I started to learn to play the drums and also soccer, and I was really good at both. I think not only constitutionally, of course I had a talent for both, but also as I had to focus myself to get back on track, to find a purpose in life, to find something that I was good at and to feel better with myself without other people or many friends.

Why I tell this now so detailed is that I deeply believe that this whole thing, the first years of my life, define where I am today. From the the very beginning I had no other choice than focusing on something that makes me really happy, in order to live a happy life. And music was kind of my savior. Then my soccer career found an end when I was not willing to play outdoors in winter time :) Music was the only other option.

In music I found something that helped me to survive, something to focus on and I did that in a really special way. My father once told me, "do one thing and do this good, then you will succeed", and that is what I did. I took all of my time the last decade to learn as much as I can, to create as much as I can and I still live that way. So for me there was never a plan B. Of course I never thought I could live from music, I was just focused on becoming good at it so that then there was no other option :)

To answer the rest of your question, I do have a few things in mind, like mastering for others or maybe even ghost producing when I´m older but for now, my own music and performance is so present that I dont have time and don't want to make time to think about what comes next. I will see what happens along the way and I´m very excited what will happen in the next years. For sure this is just the beginning.

10) When all is done at the end of a long weekend touring, what are the things you do to relax when not in studio or on the road?

Producing is relaxing for me and also playing playstation or sitting in my garden and watching the sky. I need and love silence and I love to listen to movie scores to relax as well. I do normal stuff like everyone else, watch movies, play soccer, table tennis or pool billard. I love sauna and massages :)

11) Books or Movies? Why?

Shutter Island, Inception basically everything with Leonardo DiCaprio :) haha.. I love him as an actor, he is really really good. I dont read books, I hated it at school and I was never good at it. I have other qualities ;) I like cooking for example and I love a clean house :)

12) What are your past experiences of playing earthcore and how do you find the Australian dance floor ? What can we expect from your set in this addition?

I loved earthcore. I think its now the 3rd time that we go there but we´ve been on tour in Australia once a year for the past 6 year. Earthcore was quite special as it was the first large festival I played in Australia and so I learned a lot about the audience there. The last stage I played was super nice, all the lights and the decoration, I´m excited to see what they set up this year.

About Australia in general, I didn't want to go to down under in the first place ( when the first offer came), but my former girl friend was so into the country that I couldn't resist and we went there to have a look :) Since the first time, we always went back as we noticed that it was really something special.

Australia is like the international Switzerland. Its unique, independent and its not only a beautiful country but you feel the vibe that comes from the people who live there. The parties are still raw and kind of "Hippie" we would say in Germany. You still have this underground style, like how the people dress and how the festivals are set up. Earthcore is maybe a bit different as its already quite professional comparing to others but it is still like that.

I´m super excited to come back this year, after we paused last year. And I´m quite sure its going to be amazing.

Many thanks for your time and opening up so personally with us! Fans really appreciate getting to know an artist more than just their music. Huge congratulations on celebrating 1 year of FCKNG SERIOUS, we are excited about whats to come and look forward to your return to this years earthcore festival in November.

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