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Triskele Management offers a wide range of services to artists and record labels, and deals primarily in the psytrance, chill-dub-ambient, and downtempo electronica scenes.

For many years we have been the industry leaders in providing total Marketing, PR, and Consulting solutions for record labels. We can do a full campaign including all dealings with the distributor, press, reviewers, radio, as well as provide a very strong internet presence with a huge worldwide reach. We also can do a Internet only campaign for those who wish for this option only.

Triskele Management has many years experience in the electronic music scene and has created a global network and reaches over 100 countries yearly. Last year we had almost 2 million hits, and average over 5000 unique visitors each month!

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do for you !

Managing Director
Marketing, PR, Consulting


Contact Info

+44 (0) 7963 176818